African American Contributions - Preserving Black History One Story at a Time
African American Contributions - Preserving Black History One Story at a Time


Historic African American Sites in St. Mary's County, Maryland  

Oral Histories


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      John Henry Armstrong - w/Helene A. Holt
Donald M. Barber

Sylvester Barnes
Alice Rebecca Bennett - 1991
Alice Rebecca Bennett
- 1996
Alice Rebecca Bennett
- 2002
Bessie C. Biscoe

Calvert William Biscoe
Nicolas Vincent Biscoe
Agnes Geneva Blackwell
Grace Cecelia Blackwell
Charles B. Briscoe - w/Mary Louise Webb
Ida Delores Briscoe
Joan Elaine Briscoe - 2004
Joan Elaine Briscoe - 2007
Sarah Briscoe
Rudy Carnell Brooks
Elmer Jefferson Brown - 2000
Elmer Jefferson Brown - 2002
James Solomon Brown - 2002
James Solomon Brown - 2005
Eva C. Butler
Ralph Ignatius Butler, Sr
Sarah Evelyn Mason Butler
James Nathaniel Caldwell

Agnes Genevieve Carter
Ola Mae Carter - 1997
Ola Mae Carter - 2003
Theresa Smith Cassagnol
Howard Randolph Chase
Betty J. Clayton
Floyd E. Clayton, Sr
Ralph Clayton
Catherine Brenda Coates
James Melvin Coates
Annie Curtis
Joseph Mason Curtis
Viola Cutchember
Mary C. Dickerson

James W. Diggs
Joseph W. Dickerson, Sr
Vincena S. Dickerson
Francine Dove-Hawkins
Edwin L. Dukes
Beverly Watts Dyson
Ernest Webster Dyson - 1987
Ernest Webster Dyson - 1991
Ernest Webster Dyson - 1994
Helen Louise Fenwick

Mary Louise Barnes Fleming
George Gaither Forrest
Harriett Ann Swales Forrest
James Alexander Forrest, Sr - 1996
James Alexander Forrest, Sr - 2003
George Purnell Frederick, Sr
Pearl Thompson Furey
Dottie Gant

Evelyn Gant
Robert Belamine Gant, Sr
Viola M. Gardner - 1996
Viola M. Gardner - 2006
Viola M. Gardner - 2007 1st
Viola M. Gardner - 2007 2nd
Elvare Gaskin
John William Alonzo Gaskin
Carrie Glascoe
Mary Annabel Greenwell
Mildred A. Gross
George Grymes - 1991
George Grymes
- w/Fred Talbert
George Grymes
- 1997
George Grymes
- w/Lovell Grymes
Lovell Grymes - w/George Grymes
Emma V. Hall
Tyrone Harris
Mary Elizabeth Herbert
Harold T. Herndon
Mary Bernadette Gough Hewlett
Sarah Evelyn Hewlett
Everlyn Louise Holland - 1st

Everlyn Louise Holland - 2nd
Everlyn Louise Holland - 3rd
Josephine Matilda Biscoe Holley
Helene A. Holt
Hortense Gant Hubbard
Joseph Johnson Kelly, Jr
Charles Herbert Knott
Albertine Thomas Lancaster

John Graham Lancaster
Mary Margaret Langley
Florence Lanham
Joseph Aloysius Lawrence "Sonny"
Elmer Mackall

Angela Marie Maddox
Elfreda Talbert Mathis - 1991
Elfreda Talbert Mathis - 2004
Edna Middleton
Georgia Marie Barnes Milburn
James Walter Neal
Stuart Wayne Newkirk
Theodore Newkirk - 2003
Theodore Newkirk - 2007
Donald O'Neal
Edith Dyson Parker

Richard Gray Portee - 1987
Richard Gray Portee - 2003
Ruth Elizabeth Portee
James M. Posey
Sandy Posey
Mary Jeannette Price
Salvatore Raspa

Ethel W. Reed
Harry Linwood Reed
Sophia Reed
Lindsey Wilson Reid, Sr
Thomas Purnell Saxon
Joseph "Spencer" Scriber - 1999
Joseph "Spencer" Scriber - 2004
Philip H. Scriber, Sr - 1993
Philip H. Scriber, Sr - 1996
Zora M. Siemasko - w/Jane Sypher
Clarence Carroll Smith
Edward Allen Smith, Sr - 1996
Edward Allen Smith, Sr
- 2004
Esther L. Smith
Guffrie Matthew Smith, Jr
Guffrie Matthew Smith, Sr - 1987
Guffrie Matthew Smith, Sr - 1999
Mabel E. Smith
Marie C. Smith
Mary Smith
James A. Somerville - w/Vincena Dickerson & Mildred Gross
Joseph Lee Somerville, Sr
Mary Somerville - Part 1
Mary Somerville - Part 2
Jane Sypher - w/Zora Siemasko
Fred Harold Talbert
- 1991
Fred Harold Talbert - 1998
Fred Talbert - w/George Grymes
Alice Thomas
Joseph Ogden Thomas - 1991
Joseph Ogden Thomas - 1998
Ann E. Thompson
Leroy J. Thompson, Jr
Leroy J. Thompson, Sr
Catherine Delores Thompson
Mary Elnetta George Toon
Catherine Naomi Travers
Elizabeth A. Walker
- 1993
Elizabeth A. Walker
- 1999
Elizabeth A. Walker
- 2007
Janice Talbert Walthour
Mary Louise Webb
Lewis Clifton Whalen
Laurice M. White
Sarah Ann White
Clarence Leo Young, Sr

Mary Agnes Young
Nannie Theresa Young


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African American Schools


Map of "Colored" Schools' Sites


African American Monument


USCT Memorial Statue


African American Folkways in St. Mary's County

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Segregation and Desegregation in St. Mary's County Schools

  In Relentless Pursuit of an Education:

African American Stories from a Century of Segregation (1865 - 1967)
  "With All Deliberate Speed: One High School's Story"    

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